Virtual Private Server (VPS)

What is VPS hosting?

How is this different from shared hosting?

When is VPS hosting chosen?

– Specific permissions on the server

– Install custom software o

– Specific software that the hosting provider

– Security options

– Reboot a server

– Delete and refresh the server settings

– Basically, if you need Root access to your server, or you need to scan it quickly and get started with VPS hosting is the option for you. Especially if you find that your hosting plans are out of your budget.


  • Usage Constraints
  • Enhanced Security
  • Performance your site's performance is not affected by anything that happens on any of the other virtual servers.
  • Lower Cost


  • Security Responsibilities
  • Resource allocation restrictions
  • In the event that your activity or your site expands, you must upgrade to Dedicated web hosting.

Notes must be provided in the hosting

  • Operating system options
  • Performance monitoring
  • Scalability
  • Costs




Best web hosting providers


A2 Hosting