3Dcart e-commerce platform

The 3dcart e-commerce platform is the SEO optimized e-commerce platform for retailers and online marketers to increase traffic and sales in their online stores.

3dcart includes 24/7 technical support, over 100 mobile-ready topics, order management software, integrated blog, email marketing tools and more. Since 1997, the company has been a pioneer in the e-commerce market, building online stores for companies of all sizes. Today, 3dcart is Visa PCI Certified and Google Partner

3dcart was founded in 1997 and headquartered in Tamarac, Florida. 3dcart is developing an e-commerce app for online stores and retail point systems

3dcart was founded by developer and architect Gonzalo Gil on behalf of Infomart 2000, and development started in Tamarac, Florida in 1997. 3dcart was launched to the public in 2001. The 3dcart platform was created to increase opportunities for retailers and manufacturers. 3dcart was 100% running, as of January 2010, when it closed $ 1.25 million in financing. It experienced massive growth, when it was announced as Amazon’s favorite ecommerce solution. In March 2017, the company announced a partnership with Square Inc. To merge and accept credit card payments through its platform.

3dcart features

3dcart e-commerce platform has a user interface that features e-commerce tools management, which customers can use to manage their online stores.

Multiple charging and payment interfaces, such as FedEx, UPS and USPS. 3dcart integrates 2checkout, Stripe, Solidcommerce, api2cart and other providers into its payment system.

With hundreds of integrated marketing tools and world-class e-commerce marketing features, your customers can promote their business online, grow and expand with ease and confidence.

3dcart intuitive and improved admin interface makes it easy to set up and launch a store in just a few minutes, letting your customers make profits faster and easier than any other e-commerce platform.

Cooperating with Clearsale

ClearSale, the leading international fraud protection company, today announced that it has partnered with the leading 3dcart e-commerce platform. This unique partnership provides 3dcart customers with advanced fraud protection against the lack of a card that combines machine learning and human expertise to provide the highest industry approvals and the lowest false positives. Customers using ClearSale will also get guaranteed protection from fraud-related chargebacks.